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Popular Urban Survival Kit

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What You Don’t Know About This Popular Urban Survival Kit

The Guardian Two Person Elite Survival Kit, is the most popular Urban Survival Kit that we sell. Why? There are dozens of obvious answers. It’s the most complete kit they offer, it has enough gear for two people, and it has tools you won’t find in any other survival kits on the market.

But there are a couple of things that you might not know about the Guardian Elite Kit that could save your life in an emergency.

1. This kit has 4 waterproof storage bags included. They use these bags as packaging within the kit, but they serve another purpose. They’re storage bags for you in your emergency situation. If you need to pack away additional food you’ve found, haul water, or collect materials for a fire, you have an easy storage container in your survival kit.

2. There are two body warmers contained in this kit. Used properly these items alone could save your life. Whether it’s because your car is stranded in a blizzard, you’re camping in the cold overnight, or your clothes are soaked, you’ll need a way to generate warmth close to your body. If you’re fire runs out, you’ll have warmth you can hold.

3. In this kit you’ll find a deck of playing cards. We often find that this portion of the kit is underestimated. But if you think about it, you’ll realize the difference a little bit of entertainment could make. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, or locked inside the house with a power outage, time can pass slowly. In the age of technology where we all have smart phones at our fingertips, boredom is rare and it can really start to drive you crazy. Cards aren’t the internet, but they’ll occupy, distract, and entertain you.

4. This kit contains a deluxe hygiene kit. Along with the hygiene essentials (oral hygiene, soap, lotion) this kit contains four maxi pads. These serve a dual purpose in this kit. Not only are they necessary for feminine hygiene, but they also make great gauze wraps and bandages. It’s a great supplement for your first aid kit.

Each item included in the Guardian Survival Kits is carefully thought out. They try to think through any need you might have in a disaster situation. Each item in the kit is versatile and useful for number of different situations.

They add these multi-functional and necessary additions because the best survival kit, is the one that is going to help you through any disaster.

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