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Survival Kits

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What is a Survival Kit?

Typically stored in a backpack or duffle bag, it is an assortment of supplies that will provide for your personal needs such as shelter, warmth, food, first aid/medical, lighting, communication/signaling and hygiene. It will also contain equipment and tools you can use to deal with your emergency situation whether you are sheltering in place or moving to a safe location.

Guardian Elite Survival Kit

Why should I have one?

To survive a natural or man made disaster or event whether at home, away or on the road. This could be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wild fire, a vehicle break down, even a snowstorm that makes roads unpassable. If severe weather is eminent, sometimes the grocery store shelves get cleared out if you don't get there in time. Having emergency food and water is invaluable in this situation.

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