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Why Prepare

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Why Prepare for an Emergency?

A question often raised by folks new to the subject of disaster preparedness is, “Why should I prepare?” You may be asking this because you're not sure if there is any true benefit or your friends and family think you are crazy for talking about it.

Being ready for an emergency or disaster use to be the normal thing to do. My parents always had extra food and supplies in case we needed to bunk down during a good old fashioned New England N'oreaster snowstorm or hurricane. It just seemed like the common sense thing to do.

I think we have become use to overall financial ease and few, if any, problems in availability of goods and essential services. When we do hear about disasters, we think it won’t happen to us. We have been lulled into complacency and do not realize just what may be around the corner.

We are completely dependent on the services around us and always expect the electricity to be on, the grocery stores to have plenty of food and water, and even the stock market to keep moving along with great success.

Expecting the fragile infrastructure around us to never break down is simply not a safe path to travel. Many of us try to feel safe by thinking the government will fix anything that goes wrong. As Hurricane Katrina in 2005 sadly demonstrated, reliance on the government is often unfounded.

We must be able to take care of ourselves and our own families in times of disaster or emergencies. It doesn't even need to be as big an event as Katrina. It could just be a major power outage that lasts a week. Think of how that would impact you and your loved ones.

Being prepared is the common sense thing to do.

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