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Ladder Light Lighted End Caps for Duo-Safety Ladders, 3.75"


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Lighted End Caps Help Reduce Firefighter Injury

Ladder Light replaces existing Duo-Safety firefighter ground ladder end caps with a solution that illuminates the departure zone and acts as a beacon for firefighters and victims. 

SEAMLESS - End caps integrate with existing ladders and can be installed in minutes without disruption to ladder functionality.

AUTOMATIC - No extra buttons or steps. Lights turn on during ladder operation and turn off to preserve battery life during storage and transport.

RELIABLE - Durable end caps made from die cast aluminum alloy designed and tested to perform reliably as a part of the ladder.

Warranty - If your LadderLight fails, it will be replaced free of charge. That simple.

Bulk Purchasing Discounts Available.


  • Fits Duo-Safety Ladders with 3.75" Rails. (See Fit Guide Below)
  • Array of strobing green LEDs positioned for aerial and lateral visibility.
  • High-intensity white LED angled downward to illuminate ground obstacles, not smoke.
  • Made from die cast aluminum alloy.
  • Microboard with gyroscope detects ladder angle for automatic on/off settings.
  • 9V battery designed to power lights at full capacity during 12-hour shift.
  • Accessible test button integrates with daily check protocols.
  • Battery compartments designed for easy replacement procedures.
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 3.75" x 1.25"


Duo-Safety Ladder Fit Guide, 3.75" Rails 

  • 25’ 1250-A Wall
  • 30’ 1250-A Wall 
  • 25’ 1275-A Roof
  • 30’ 1275-A Roof 
  • 28’ 1200-A 2-Section
  • 30’ 1200-A 2-Section
  • 35’ 1200-A 2 Section 
  • 28’ 1225-A 3-Section
  • 30’ 1225-A 3-Section
  • 35’ 1225-A 3-Section


Ladder Light at Sherborn Fire Department Training 00:36

A special thank you to the Sherborn Fire Department for inviting us to observe their training drill which included testing of the new Ladder Light illuminated end caps. As you can see, the end of the ladder is now highly visible to assist firefighters in quickly locating the ladder in an emergency situation. We now have these in stock. Contact us for a demo at your department.

  • Ladder Light a...
    A special thank you to the Sherborn Fire Department for inviti...
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